eBuzzSaw is an appliance that monitors and collect syslogs/eventlogs so that easy review can occur for heterogeneous ( NT eventlogs, unix syslogd, router logs ) computer systems and networks.

Utilizing our buffered syslogd running under NT, which we call syslogD, we are able to receive bursts over 250 logs/sec and a sustained feed of 100 logs/sec storing up into a sqldb. This provides a measure of stable performance seen in few logging systems.

LOGS into a sql db the following:
NT eventlogs. (pulls them remotely, requires no client on target machine).
syslogd messages. (all UNIX variants)
router logs. (most routers will 'syslog' their logs)
any network equipment.

What people are saying about eBuzzSaw:

"If your organization has more than a few machines, it is impossible for humans to effectively find problems in their logs - eBuzzSaw will not miss one."

"If your machines get compromised, eBuzzSaw will help you detect the intrusion and assist in stopping your data from being deleted and stolen."

"You will save money and sanity by finding out about problems before they become fires by using eBuzzSaw."

"No one likes going through logs so they don't...and managers know this, so everyone would like this tool. With the current decrease in IT bodies, eBuzzsaw is a network saver.

"If you are concerned about the health of your machines, company data, and system security, eBuzzSaw is an essential service."